A Visual Feast awaits you at Chihuly Garden and Glass

They say Ignorance is bliss… I was quite unaware of who Dale Chihuly was even though I had seen his work previously. So when I went to Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit at the Seattle Center I was truly in bliss…

The exhibit was a feast for the eyes.  It was suggested I check out the exhibit by Libby Phiffer Art Wolfe’s Workshop Co-ordinator. I arrived in the early evening to make sure I captures some great daytime light. I then waited till the evening and captured the magic of the garden of glass. I Just kept on finding interesting angles and and unique shapes created by Dale Chihuly to shoot… Yes the exhibit allows you to photograph the subject matter and it is truly stunning to do so. Before I knew it way 10:00pm and the place was shutting down for the night.

If you are looking for a visual feast and want to spend a couple hours then I would certainly suggest checking this place out. They have a cafe attached to the exhibit… If I was smart I would have arrived earlier and did the indoor, cafe dinning and then outdoor. But there always next time!

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