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Bill Reid Gallery Opens

Opening of Bill Reid Gallery
Opening of Bill Reid Gallery

During my internship at Creative Spirit Communications I was invited to the Bill Reid Gallery. I jumped at the chance to visit the new gallery and saw the progress of Mystic Messengers being elevated and hung on the wall. It was an amazing morning to witness such achievements and to be so close to such great art. I met Haida artist Jim Hart who was carving a totem pole for the opening of the gallery.

Although I never made it back to check out the progress of the the totem pole that was being carved, I was excited to attend the official opening on Thursday, May 8.

Location Location Location

The Bill Reid Gallery Opens up to the Public on Saturday, May 10 and is located at 639 Hornby Street.

This is one of the largest collections of work in such a cozy and welcoming space. It is nice to see a permanent home to one of our greatest residents.

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