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Night Time Lapse from Blake Island

I was able to visit Pudget Sound and Washington State for the first time in 3 years to see my good friend Ben. We also were heading to the Blake Island a state park in the middle of Pudget Sound volunteering with Footloose Disabled Sailing.

I brought my GoPro 9 and attached it this large piece of wood with the Jaws Flex Mount focused at SeaTac Airport and Vashon Island. I wanted to capture a night Time Lapse of the activity at night. I started the time lapse at 10:00pm and let it run until the battery died.

You can see where theĀ  last little bit of twilight fades around the 20 second mark, I even got movement of the stars. While the 1080p could have been high quality. For setting up the camera hitting night time lapse during a vacation. I am pretty happy.

Time Lapse to Bowen Island

Hey Blog, long time no see. It been about two years since I wrote a post. A lot has changed in my life and I didn’t have a whole lot of time for blogging. But I met up with Rebecca Coleman who I hadn’t seen since August of 2020 (The last time I had a social outing outside the Sunshine Coast)

Bex had suggested we go to Bowen Island for the day. While living on the Sunshine Coast and passing Bowen Island via the ferry and flying over Bowen via Float Plane. I have never set foot on Bowen.

I also just got a GOPRO Hero 9 from London Drugs and wanted to try out the time lapse feature! So we boarded the boat and hit the sun deck and I got a pretty nice video.