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The Bus Shirt Story

Good friend Rebecca Coleman invited me to do some co-hosting for her youtube channel on Aquafaba and her cookbook Aquafabulous. While we were filming I thought it was a great idea to wear my famous Bus Shirts. Rebecca decided to make a trailer of my our conversation and how the Bus Shirt came to be.

Thanks to Pacific Speciality Brands for letting us film in their awesome showroom.

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The Bus Shirt

TLDR: I made a shirt for me and buddy, everyone loved it. Now you can have one too.

It started as most things do with a conversation. This one was via text with Ben Lobaugh and started with:

“I just saw a guy wearing a VW Bus shirt with a Canadian maple leaf in place of the VW logo. You should find it and get us a matching pair!”
~ A text from Ben

We searched high and low for this, but we couldn’t find any evidence of the t-shirt online, so we decided to make one ourselves, knowing a crack illustrator expert we gave him a sketch drawing of what we wanted then let him create.

Maple Leaf Bus Logo
Maple Leaf VW Bus Logo

What he came up with was pretty awesome! we have the design. Next where to get the shirt made? I never made a t-shirt before!

Luckily a client of mine Uprising Breads Bakery had just made some shirts from a local retailer. Blue Sky T-Shirts and Don highly recommend them. So I called them up asked what they needed in terms of a graphic and two weeks later I picked up the shirts for trip down to the Emerald City.

Since I was going to be on a sail boat and in US for Canada Day. I though it would be great idea for us to have them on Canada Day.

I met Sam and Dave at the Liberty Bay raft up and they wanted to make some shirts for a group trip they were up to Desolation sound. They made the shirts in all different colours.

Sam and Dave with their crew of colour t-shirts before heading up Desolation Sound.

The Rio 2016 Olympics rolled around and I was watching the Nacra 17 and saw two Canadian’s in the mix during the start. One of things I really like about social media is that many Olympians have there own Facebook or twitter account. So you can congratulate or console the olympian. When I saw Nikola Girke and Luke Ramsay and their letters falling off the side of there boat. I left them this funny tweet.

I then saw she was a huge fan of the vw buses. So I said when you get back let me give you a shirt. I met up with Nikola in September and heard about her Olympic Experiences and gave her the women’s short sleeve version of the shirt.

Also after meeting Nikola One dollar from every original asphalt shirt will be donated to the Canadian Olympic Foundation¹

2017 Donation made

Since then Ben and I have a number of comments and how do you get this shirt.

While Blue Sky was awesome and super helpful making these shirts as a one off and hand delivering them was not really the best idea. But after read about how Chris Lema made a Drop Shipping T-Shirt Store using Printful I decided to install WooCommerce on my own site and give it a go.

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¹Robert Dall.com is Not affiliated with the Canadian Olympic Committee or the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Just think it would be something nice to support our athletes after meeting Nikola.