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It’s not all about the commit

You can learn so much just by trying to submit a patch. It’s is nice to get the commit but it isn’t a requirement to learn something about the issue.

The back story

You can’t put rgba inside of a placeholder property, for example:

::-webkit-input-placeholder {
   color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.30);

but you can do this:

::-webkit-input-placeholder {

Also Takashi Irie (author of Twenty Fourteen) after some research found out that Firefox 19 lowers the opacity of the placeholder to 0.54 by default. To get the correct color you need to reset it.

So to properly use the color and the opacity you want you would have to do this:

::-webkit-input-placeholder {
   opacity: 1;

What I though would be an easy open source hat trick.

  1. Trac Ticket
  2. Patch Submission
  3. Core Contribution

Turned into a learning something new and you know it’s not all about the commit…

Taking your website backgrounds to the next level Talk

With the varying shapes and sizes of screens these days. Websites either need to flex to the size or make use of a background colour or image to fill in the spaces around the edge. These spaces are somewhat neglected and sometimes lack the connection to the branding of the site and or company. Through a lot of trial and error Robert Dall of 32spokes shows you some tricks and trades to use in my daily development.

This talk was given at the 2013 WordCamp Seattle and previous at the Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group. held at The Network Hub.

Below is a list of the website mentioned along with the slides from the talk.

This video is from the Meetup Presentation at the Network Hub.