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The great cheezies tornado of 2015

My friend Ernest wanted to know of my adventures or mis-adventures during my European Trip. Well It didn’t take long for the action to start.

I waiting for my baggage to arrive at CDG and I see this blob of clothing cheezies dust and the last  remains of my bag.

My niece wanted some cheezies that she couldn’t get in Germany. So I got two bags and then double wrapped them just incase:

Destroyed luggage covered in cheezie dust
The Great Cheezie Tornado of 2015

Whatever monster inside the bowels of YVR Or Pearson ate my bag I’ve never seen such destruction taken out on a bag.

Funny enough the lock which prevent everything from being stolen was still completely intact and “working perfectly”

I couldn’t even leave CGC airport without a buy a new bag.

New Travel Bag
Meet Bag 2.0

The staff at the luggage storage and sales places couldn’t have been more helpful though. Now it’s off to find a laundry mat in Courseulles sur mer.

ps. Yes I am submitting a claim to the airline, yes I purchased extra insurance for damage on my trip. But for now it just a funny story.

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