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Good Bye Tony


Goodbye Tony We will miss you!
Goodbye Tony We will miss you!

When I was in high school I wanted to go into the media and during a class at the old Coast Cable 11 Studio’s in Gibsons BC. We sat in the classroom and watched BCTV.

Tony Parsons and Mike McCardell were the text-book of what good journalism was. As I grew older my views of the media had changed, I was hardened by years in the news, and this hardening had led me to leave the media.  but watch Tony and Mike, they, they were still the tried and true source they were when I grew up.

While Mike is still on the air, at least for now. Both were from the old school of journalism. The type that isn’t taught anymore. The type that really can’t be taught in the confines of a school.

I will miss Tony on the Nightly news. He is Irreplaceable at least to BCTV. You can leave your goodbye comments on their website.

I have stopped watch Global as it is now called, it’s a different station on the same channel. Chris Gailus although a Canadian spent many years at a FOX affiliate in New York, USA and is more of the sensational type and doesn’t have that same calm cool voice Tony has. But I watched tonight, just to say goodbye.

I have moved on to CTV and another veteran of the old school journalism, Bill Good, who use to work at BCTV. In hopes I can find a newscast that if it has to deliver bad news it will do it in a calm cool and collected way.

Update #1: Tony Parsons can now be found on CBC Evening News.
Update #2: Mike McCardell can now be found on CTV News at 6.