Apple’s new OS Yosemite

Dear Apple and the National Parks Service. I recently had a conversation about the new OSX called Yosemite with a fellow web developer Paul Clark.

PC: Because @10up is distributed, Yosemite is my office today. We’re hiring.   #php #css #js #WordPress 

RD:  You weren’t looking for the OS were you?

PC:  Rode through without a windshield. Still working out the bugs.

RD:  I am just glad you didn’t crash exploring the new OS…

PC:  I was surprised it was on a drive. Thought they switched to cloud distribution.

RD:  But I bet it was a swift ride!

PC:  Now that you mention it, the Dashboard did say I was going pretty fast.

RD:  Was it a test drive? 

PC: All good things have to come to and end. I heard from my Notification Center.

You can read our conversation here… It was totally geeky on the fly and a little silly fun on a Wednesday Night

ps. No… neither of us work for Apple or the National Parks Service.

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