Humour in Great Customer Service with Gravity Forms

I had a question for Gravity Forms Admin regarding what happens to my business license if I were to die or get eaten by a lion. The response I got from David Peralty absolutely hilarious and yet completely accurate. They not only make a great product but the customer service is why I suggest their product to so many clients.

Below is transcript of the  conversation:

Robert Dall:
So if I have a business or developers license and I installed it on clients website. And I get eaten by a lion on African Safari what happens to the client website and license?

Best Regards


David Peralty:
Hi Robert,

Great question. By eating you, the lion would retain your license, and be able to decide what is done with it. Your client, after a period of mourning your passing, would have to decide if he/she wants to make a deal with the lion. If the lion doesn’t renew the license, then the client must either purchase their own license to continue receiving support and updates, or run Gravity Forms unlicensed until such a time where WordPress updates make it no longer compatible.

Of course, we recommend all people have up to date versions of Gravity Forms for security, and as such, your client would likely opt to purchase their own license. They would swap out the lion’s key for their new one, and move on. There would be no effect on their forms, settings and the like.

All my best,

David Peralty


Really in terms of customer service and in my opinion it doesn’t get much better then that.  I also got this reply with in 15minutes of sending the request…

postscript: After a google search I found that  David Peralty  and I are both Canadian… Does it show?

2 thoughts on “Humour in Great Customer Service with Gravity Forms

  1. We here at Rocketgenius were highly amused with your question and it made my day. We actually had a little conversation about the lion’s rights, family rights, the wake, and so forth. Thanks for the humor and kind words!

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