Ian Ruhter Silver Light

Ian Ruhter Silver Light

Looking for Inspiration? Find it here ~ Ian Ruhter Silver and Light

A couple months back some photographer friends of mine on Facebook linked to a video called Silver & Light by Ian Ruhter. The video is masterfully crafted and leads you through a story of a photographer who lost his way and then found it again. I will let the video do most of the talking because it is truly one of the more inspiration videos I have seen in some time. (And I say that rarely). Here is the video… I’d would suggest you click full screen…  Trust me it will be worth it.

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

So watch the video yet? Good keep reading… No? Watch it and will wait for you to finish…

Fast Forward a couple of months and I was sitting down with Mark Busse of Industrial Brand and we were talking about Creative Mornings Vancouver.

“I have never been…” I said to Mark.

“You being a photographer should go to the next one… Ian Ruhter is speaking” replied Mark

My Jaw dropped…And I was lucky enough to win tickets in the lottery system that is set up for Creative Mornings and arrived early…

Ian Ruhter speaking
Ian Ruhter speaking at Creative Morning Vancouver

It was really great getting to see another photographer speak… I use to go to photography conventions all the time back my photojournalism days. I felt such a kinship with him after hearing him talk and yet he left his normal photography for Wet Plate… I had moved from my normal photography to Web Design… But we both wanted to tell stories… Visual stories because writing was so hard to do when we both young…

2013/04 Ian Ruhter – Photography, Alchemy, and The Future from CreativeMornings/Vancouver.

I introduced myself briefly to Ian… a shake of a hand and a thank your story is really inspiring… I was able to ask a question during the Q&A thanks to Mark running around with the mike. Which you should be able to hear in the video. I hope to see some plates from his time in Vancouver.

Thanks again Ian you are truly an inspiration…

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