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After you have seen a reservation system with 400 different options in 8 menus you FULLY understand the “decisions not options” mantra.

As kids run around playing Pokemon Go adults go to say goodbye to a band that defined their Canadian generation.

Tragically Hip Final Vancouver Concert July 26, 2016

Great UX, hard demanding but fulfilling work. NOTHING is ever as easy as it appears.

Laser Sailing: If your butt isn’t wet you’re not doing it right.

I call Seattle my adopted American home town because I visit it so much. My sense of direction get better each time I visit, but I still use a fuzzy logic called:

I don’t necessarily know where I am going but I certainly know when I am lost.

A designer forgot to tell me she was moving to Germany from Vancouver in early December. We have been working together for a month before noticing a difference.

She mentioned having to go to dinner at 10:30 in the morning. Which gave her location away.

Contributing to open source along with client work at the same time is harder then I though…

But once the contribution has been made it’s so rewarding…