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Jackson Pollock

It’s not every day a website comes along and truly captures both the imagination and artistry that can be the world wide web. is one of those websites. It was made by Miltos Manetas (with original flash made by Michal Migurski)  way back in 2002, yet I just saw it today in 2016 for the very first time thanks to Amanda Harryman.

Much like the rest of the internet it could be gone tomorrow. So enjoy it while it lasts. It needs no facebook, twitter or app.

But does require flash so is not viewable on your tablet or phone.

Confessions of Trac Ticket Lobbyist

I recently had a guest post on the WPTavern on lobbying trac tickets, IPTC captions and photography. Check it out.

How to make a Web Page by HomeStar Runner

With a hat tip to Paul Clark @pdclark on twitter, Here is StrongBad on how to create a website.

It’s awesome. You should check it out.

It’s also in flash so no go on a smartphone

Backslash no More

A WordPress aficionado and CBC radio listener Kathryn Presner (aka. zoonini on twitter ) posted a great article on the miss use of Backslash by CBC Radio. Although I doubt they are the only culprit.

Read the full article on her blog.