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I went to Seattle for a week of sailing with my friend Ben Lobaugh. I participated in:

The Footloose Disable Sailing Association
The Monday Night Ballard Cup Series II crewing on Breeze
zzZippety Doo Dah haul out and painting
Shilshole Bay Yacht Club Liberty Bay Raft Up!

To say I spent my entire summer vacation on a boat would be completely accurate.

One of our long-standing family traditions from our Scottish side. Is the coal at New Year’s Eve. Commonly known as the  First-foot.

In our family home we run outside on to the porch with a bunch of noise makers and the enter the house via the other porch door in the new year.

Over the years we have all done it. One year we made the family dog Toby do it tying the coal to a bag to his collar and the calling him from the other door.

We haven’t done the tradition in years but my nephews were up this year and my youngest nephew Oxford wanted to do it with me.

It was kinda a fun to rekindle an old tradition I haven’t done in over a decade.

After having a late lunch I was happily surprised to see R2D2 mentioned on WP Tavern.

I was pretty excited to get a mention but really R2D2 is nothing without the work of Joen Asmussen, Lance Willett and Konstantin Obenland work on Twenty Thirteen.

I had a couple commits to Tweenty Thirteen as well.